As you turn to fire your weapon, you feel that it may already be too late. Time slows down, as if you were using your Pip-boy's V.A.T.S., but you know that you are not. You cannot rise fast enough to aim effectively, and the man on the right is already probing the trigger of his pistol. You see him pull the trigger, and in slow motion see the round spark.

Thousands of thoughts flash through your mind in that instant. Your entire life's story comes to you, but also, all the consequences of choices you will make. Past, present, and future all compounded into one as you see your doom exit the barrel of the gun. Chills fly down your spine, as if it was electricity bridging the air between you and your attacker, instead of a bullet. You bid farewell to the world around you. It had been cruel, but it had been fun, and you supposed that that had made it worth it in the end.

The bullet penetrates your head, squarely between the eyes, and that is the end.

The End.