Any collaborative site needs some rules to keep order.

  1. Stay Serious. Fallout: Cartels is supposed to be a dramatic story. The occasional joke is allowed, but it is not a comedy.
  2. Only write forward. Never go back and edit a previous page in the story, except for proofreading fixes. Changing content can cause inconsistencies later on in the story, making it difficult to follow.
  3. Write a consistent story. Each page should be consistent with everything before it. Do your research before you write a page.
  4. Proofread before you post. Proofreading errors can make the story difficult to read.
  5. Story pages should be in the category, Lore pages should be in the category.
  6. Everything from the canon Fallout Universe is Word of God and valid in the universe of Fallout: Cartels. Use the Fallout Wiki for reference.

Any and all of these Rules can be revised, as well as deleted or added as need arises.