"And yet I wont. Mercy is a talent that many desire, but few display. Those runners, those years ago, showed mercy to me, but brought me here to you. And here I am, standing over you, with a Magnum pointed right at you. But to honor them, and myself, I will allow you to live. Consider this my official resignation. Goodbye Señor Ramirez."

You turn around, and stride towards the door. You felt like you were the king of the world, and you finally understand why those killings had been significant. You had finally won your freedom from your unknown hell. Nothing could defeat you now.

A single gunshot sounds, and a nine millimetre slug of lead hurls through the air, and implants itself in your skull. Mercy may have been a talent that many desire, but there was a reason few displayed it. It often came back to bite them later.

The End.